Towing and Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day.

We accept most Major Credit Cards

Services We Provide

Towing at vehicle owners request.

Vehicle Removal from Private Property.

Roadside service, which includes.

  • A picture of a tire Tire Change
  • A picture of a battery Jump Starts
  • A picture of keys Lock-Outs
  • A picture of a fuel container Fuel
  • A picture of a fax machine Sending and Receiving Faxes


    Basic Prices :For our local area

    If bill has to be mailed in there will be a $15.00 extra handling fee.

    No handling fee on bills faxed in or handled online

    Rotational Tow/Impound $177.00 per hour + taxes

    Storage Rates $45.00 per day + taxes

    After Hour Release $88.00 + taxes

    Roadside assistance: $75.00 per hour. + taxes

    Sending and Receiving Faxes: $5.00 for first sheet, $1.00 for every sheet after. + taxes


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